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Shona Longoria was born in Montana but moved to Joseph city Arizona at the age of 9.

When Shona was a teenager her family moved to the other side of the “train tracks”. It was there watching the trains pass by, that she fell in love with spray paint and the old school writing of the late ’80s.

When Shona finally picked up a rattle can, the boys teased her so badly about making the paint “run”, that she put down the can and did not touch it again for 27 years, at least not until she fell in love with spray paint artist Jules Demetrius in 2016.

Unfortunately, Jules had been diagnosed with 4 types of stage 4 cancer before they met.  Knowing that he would be worth the pain of losing him,  Shona and Jules immediately started a life together.

After seeing her love for the spray can, Jules insisted that Shona learn how to paint. Although she resisted learning,  she did insist on helping him save energy with every painting he did for the next 7 months and was always there assisting Jules somehow. Usually shaking cans.

After Jules passed, in order to avoid the silence, Shona started shaking cans again. In order to smell the spray paint in the air again, she started painting. Painting leads to stenciling, where Jules had given very detailed lessons before his passing.

Eventually, Shona’s survival techniques, turned into profit when she accidentally sold her first painting. By the end of Shona’s second year painting, she had secured 3 exhibitions. She sells an average of one painting a week. Although she does not have a website, she does have an Instagram page and can be followed @isprayflat

This exhibit was curated by Philip Talarico of Downtown Artists Collective